About Tony
Artwork by ScottyNitro17

Artwork by ScottyNitro17

Is this thing on?  *poke poke* Right, so here’s the part where I talk about myself.

My name is Tony Stork, and I currently live in Defiance, Ohio…home of Indianapolis 500 winner Sam Hornish, Jr, as well as MLB pitchers Jon Niese and Chad Billingsley.  I am married to my lovely wife Christina, and have a son who is 4 years old.  She is the primary income for us, as I haven’t had much success in the job market due to having Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism.  So, you might say I have a lot of free time.  This has allowed me to teach myself a lot of valuable things in the technology field, and I am happy that I am able to use these skills to provide entertainment and happiness to my friends and family as well as the public.  It is very rewarding to me, and is one reason why I will never care if I make money on Viking Gaming Servers or not…I just enjoy making people happy.

I started playing Minecraft in late 2011, I believe the version out then was 1.2.5.  It was a rather large learning curve, as I had never played anything remotely like it before.  But once I learned, it became one of my favorite games.  Thus, in 1.3 I started to run a small vanilla server for myself and a few friends.  I started running another server with the FTB Ultimate modpack in 1.4.7, while continuing to maintain the vanilla server as well.  The rest, WAS HISTORY!!!  Or something.  In any case, more about that on the About Us page.  Basically, I learned everything I know about modded Minecraft from a combination of DireWolf20 videos, and lots of wiki reading.  It was incredible how much the mods could do then, and they’ve only gotten even better with time, in most cases.

I have always had a thing for taking computers apart and putting them back together, and upgrading where necessary.  The two server machines that I ran, weren’t actually “servers” at all in the technical sense.  They were desktop machines that I wasn’t using anymore, that I upgraded with spare parts I had laying around, and installed Ubuntu Server on them.  Being a Linux geek, this wasn’t hard to administer at all.  I kept the machines running over the last few years by putting spare parts into them that I acquired from other people bringing me dead computers (because they knew I would find a use for them or their parts).  I spent almost no money on Viking Gaming Servers, and I am somewhat proud of this fact.  That being said, with plans for an expansion to the public, things would have to change.  That’s where partner Chris came in.  More about that in his bio.  Suffice to say, he invested a decent amount of money in Viking Gaming Servers (new server, website, etc) and we are now able to function at a level that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own.  He also developed, almost entirely by himself (I had a lot going on), the new 1.7.10 pack.  So really, I take credit as the founder of Viking Gaming Servers, but I am only a part of what makes us great.

I look forward to providing more enjoyment for everyone, in any way that I can.  I love this game, and I love playing it with other people who love it.  In Minecraft, the sky truly is the limit.  Anything is possible, and that is a great escape from the grind of everyday life.