About Us

Artwork by ScottyNitro17

Viking Gaming Servers was originally founded in 2011 by Tony Stork, aka tm24fan8.  The goal was to provide a small vanilla server for friends to play together and enjoy.  Minecraft 1.3 was the first version we ran publicly, and it was upgraded to 1.4 while keeping the world intact.  It is to this day the longest-running world that Viking Gaming Servers has operated.

Modded Minecraft support started in 1.4.7, as we launched our very first modded server in the form of the Feed The Beast Ultimate modpack.  It was again mostly run for friends, on repurposed desktop hardware acting as makeshift servers.  The factory named Viking Industries was born on this server, and has followed us to every version we’ve run since then, in its various forms.  Always an industrial masterpiece, always insanely complex, and always a ton of fun to build and operate.

For 1.5.2, we developed our own modpack and distributed it to friends.  This gave the advantage of tailoring the game experience to exactly what we wanted, and resulted in a lot of very fun build-projects.  The edition of Viking Industries on this world ended up as a very large 3-story building with separate buildings for the power plant, and refining the fuels that the power plant used.  It was also the largest railyard ever built on a Viking server (thanks Railcraft!) and the first to use our automated routing system for the various trains that ran on it.

The 1.5.2 era was also when another important change happened.  We were joined by eventual co-owner Chris Kuna, aka MineDerpes, who was at the time new to modded Minecraft.  He was a quick study, and quickly reached admin status.

In 1.6.4, we had a world reset due to hardware failure corrupting the save.  (Things happen when you’re using ancient machines that were never meant to be servers…more on that in a moment).  We recovered quite nicely and built the most complex world (including the most complicated Viking Industries edition ever thus far) that Viking Gaming Servers has ever had the privilege to host.  This world includes four unique villages, spanning several thousand blocks, and a beautiful central train station, thanks to Tony’s wife Christina, aka Xia_P988.  It was also the most players we had ever seen, at a total of around 8 unique users.  Vanilla support ended, as we replaced it with a short-lived but very fun instance of Agrarian Skies, a hardcore questing skyblock map with many great challenges.  This was also around the time that Chris started streaming and quickly became the other face of Viking Gaming Servers.

For 1.7.10, many changes came.  For instance, Chris invested in an actual dedicated rackmount server, with 8 CPU cores and 16GB of RAM, to improve the quality and reliability of our service.  At that time, Vanilla support also returned, thanks to virtualization technology that we could finally utilize with the new machine.  Development on our custom modpack for 1.7.10 took longer than expected, mostly due to waiting for mods to release for the new version.  The pack recently launched, and we are currently recruiting players for both servers.

In 2016 we acquired 2 more servers to better host and give us the opportunity to host other games. In 2017 we for the first time had two Minecraft servers, a Factorio server and a Garry’s Mod server being hosted all at our Wisconsin Data Center.

It’s been a fun 6 years, and we look forward to many more good times with our friends and followers.  We would like to thank all who have been involved in any way in the success of Viking Gaming Servers, your support means the world!


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